A Catalyst for Corporate Efficiency:
Revolutionizing the Traditional Paper Form
with Mobile Content Capture™

AppMyForm™, an environmentally conscious new service offered by RGBmobile, enables any paper form to easily be converted into a customized Mobile Content Capture™ app, digital record and process launch mechanism. Designed to replace traditional paper forms and clipboards at the point of transaction origin, AppMyForm™-enabled mobile devices empower field staff to work smarter in less time while eliminating costly processing delays and data entry
labor expenses.

Seamless Integration Across All Industries

Powered by RGBmobile's proprietary FormMobilizer™ smart conversion engine technology,
AppMyForm™ can be easily adapted and quickly integrated to meet the specific mobile
content capture requirements of companies, field staff, and customers across all types
of industries, including:

The Many Benefits of Using AppMyForm™ Include:

Reduces paper consumption

Competitive advantage
Eliminates the need to print forms in high volume,
geographically distribute the proper versions and
collect the completed forms for data entry.
Expedites FormMobilization of current
production business tasks or processes.

Enhances performance

Enables organizational agility
Field users can effectively manage time, location
and workflow.
Allows management and staff to optimize and
re-engineer business processes.

Increases efficiency

Reduces costs
Minimizes redundant manual data entry tasks. Curtails systemic delays and labor expenses.

Builds loyalty

Benefits the environment
Enhances customer service and responsiveness. Makes it easy for individuals and organizations to "Go Green."

Empowers staff

Patent pending FormMobilizer™ technology
Field users can selectively FormMobilze the forms
which matter the most to them.
Our conversion engine allows rapid adaptation to
changing requirements.

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